Graphic Design

We not only provide graphic design services, we also provide multimedia creation services.

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Digital Media agency

Not only Online Marketing, Our Service is from Strategies to Creation and on and offline Production

Digital Media Agency
Online Sale

We not only a agency, we also a product distributor, we have our own online channel “soldsimple”

Design and Cross-Media advertising

Fifteen years of experience.
Whether you design online advertising with traditional advertising thinking or design traditional advertising with online advertising logic, you may lose the original advantage. We understanding the uniqueness of the media and carefully thinking about the harmonious use are the focus of the future. We are ready!
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Better Service Better Price

Efficient cooperation programs

For a long time, brands and advertising creations have communicated with customers and made budget quotations based on customer requirements and project complexity. However, we also understand that some customers want to simplify the process and pay attention to the fixed price. In response to our request.

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Packaging Design

Good packaging design can enhance consumer confidence and goodwill. As different industries have different costume cultures, they must break through but not mismatch.

Print AD / Poster

The impression of advertising is the key to breaking through, not to waste media costs and achieve a multiplier effect.

Successful brand design starts with the clear vision and correct understanding of potential customers.  if you have good goal insights, we definitely will have good visual creation.

Creative Director - Andrew Chan

When the market becomes matures, it returns to rationality. We focus on using Google advertising, because details data and statistics very suit todays Consumption model, and also suit for rational advertising model.

Marketing Director - Sandra Ng

In the Internet age, competition in products and services has become globalize, it driving me take better efforts, opportunities often occur between fingertips and miracles happen every day. do you dare to try hard?

Sale & Marketing Officer - Jenny



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