15 years, Our Best team has been providing Clients with professional and high-quality brand businesses, creating various brand strategies, advertising campaigns, and promotion products for Clients. It includes product packaging design, print advertising, corporate branding and brand image design, and is trusted by customers. Recent years, it has actively developed network marketing and sales operations to provide customers with better and comprehensive professional services.

AVID Communication Ltd., formerly known as Amworkshop, was founded in 2003. It has been pragmatically helping customers to realize their brand potential and gain the trust of many brands. With the spirit of cooperation and hard work, the company has assisted customers in the same industry for 10 years and has successfully created a number of sales champion products.

In response to changes in marketing, AVID began to develop online communication business in 2012. The name was officially changed to AVID Communication Ltd. and it began to actively research and develop media advertising business to make the service more integrated.

In 2015, in response to clients requests, we created online sales service SoldSimple.com to assist in brand promotion sales and win qualifications for multiple international brand distribution. Make the service more superior and comprehensive.

AVID : Add Value In Design

On and Offline world are cannot be divided. Only taking care and cooperating with each other, can make the brand image be upgraded to a higher level and meet the challenges of the new economic.

With the development of the Internet and smart phones, consumption patterns have rapidly changed, and competition among brands has become internationalized. To break through, we must make more elaborate efforts.

Our mission is to work with clients, develop their strengths, co-operate to meet challenges, turn crisis into opportunities.


Avid team consists of two founders and several enthusiastic members. During the 15 years of advertising, there are a lot of change, only the constant creates a good enthusiasm and an open working attitude. .

Believe in faith, in the environment of harmony and mutual trust, give birth to one after another good creation.

We believe in the spirit of cooperation and believe that creation can influence the world. Believe in advertising, believe that people who do not believe in themselves are impossible to achieve anything. In the journey of life, we always remind ourselves that everything will be beautiful with faith. What Hong Kong relies on is the spirit of “faith can move mountains”.

We love challenges

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We love innovation

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We love Cat

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Thanks for customer support, We have benefited from every case.

We have good relationships with clients, suppliers and other cooperation partners. we have more than 10 years relationship clients. and we also have overseas client such as Singapore and the United States. No matter they are  international brands or start-up companies.  In any case, every project, It will always benefit to us. Thank you everyone.

Reason to choose us

Work hard|Easy

Creative thinking need the right and left brains alternately, sometimes with ease and earnestness, in order to make creative strategies.


We have worked closely with different successful brands to analyze successful failures, benefiting them and taking them together.


Our Company structure is simple and efficiently,  seek truth from facts, focus on the results, and never unnecessary process.

Reasonable fee

Reasonable fees, simple and open operations are the key to long-term cooperation