Logo and Visual identity

Aiming at the vision and mission and development of the company/brand, To Create the Brand Logo and a series of visual identity system. Compared with a single logo design, it can deliver brand information more clearly and effectively.

A good visual identity system Must Reflect Company Vision, Mission, Values.

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Service Type: Brand Visual identity
Estimated time: Data collection 1 day | Concept development 3 days | Design draft 7 days |

Work items
Data collection:  Communicate with client, Confirm details and Languages ​​ to establish the registration of a trademark.
Concept Development: Establish a clear direction, Avid will provides 5 related concept Logo designs
Graphic Design: Selected Concept Logo Design, Avid Provides 3 Related Logo and related Visual Graphic Designs
Application: final Selected Logo design, Avid will uses the logo and Visual graphics for 10 application designs
Optional: Business Card / Packaging / Facebook cover / google business page / Signboard / Envelope Stationery / Document Cover
Artwork : After selecting one of them, you provide not more than 5 times artwork modification.

Assist Registration: Assist in applying for registration modification and fine-tuning in Hong Kong (not more than 3 times)
File output: A.i, Jpeg, digital and A3 spot colors
Color proofing: Can assist with no more than 3 color proofing or fine tuning

Overall process:
Data collection 1 time > 5 times concept design > 3 times deferred design >10 design Applications > 5 times fine tuning > 1 time output > 3 times color proofreading

The fee has included a guide to the use of trademark design, color specification and usage details.
Creation time and process require customer assistance and confirmation.
Extend the trademark design of the same design concept (such as Chinese to English), only to receive the draft fee, less than half the price, details need to be reported separately

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Logo Design (basic)

Logo Design (Basic) is suitable for client who already have a creative direction. Logo do not have to be complex. sometimes Simple and creative Logo can more effectively deliver Brand  message.

logo is a important element of visual identity system, it must be functionally extended to all communications of an organization.

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