Logo Design (basic)

Logo Design (Basic) is suitable for client who already have a creative direction. Logo do not have to be complex. sometimes Simple and creative Logo can more effectively deliver Brand  message.

logo is a important element of visual identity system, it must be functionally extended to all communications of an organization.

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Service: Brand Creation
Project: Logo Design (basic)
Estimated time: Data collection 1 day | Concept development 2 days | Design draft 2 days |

Work projects
Data collection: Telephone and email communication, language used to establish the trademark
Concept development: Understand customers, set clear directions, and Avid offers 3 related concept designs
Design : Customer selected concept design, Avid offers 2 additional design directions
Artwork : After selecting one of them, you can make no more than 5 designs and color fine-tuning

File output: no more than 2 times, A.i, Jpeg, digital copying
Color proofreading: After seeing the physical copy, it can assist with no more than one color fine-tuning

The overall process:
Direction set 1 time > 3 times concept design > 2 times deferred design > 5 times fine tuning > 1 time output > 1 time color proofreading

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