Logo Design (Pro)

logos are intended to be the “face” of a company. It also a shorthand way of referring to the company in advertising and marketing materials.

Logo design is a professional process, it should be base on client statement and Industry culture to create.

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Content : Logo Design (Professional Level)
Service Type: Brand Creation
Ad Type: Logo Design
Estimated time: Data collection 1 day | Concept development 3 days | Design draft 3 days |

Work projects
Data Collection: Confirm Logo Language, Chinese/English/Chinese/English Combined/Image
Concept development: base on clients brand statement,  Avid provides 5 related concept designs
Graphic Design : base on selected concept design, Avid offers 3 additional design modification
Artwork : base on final selection, client can make no more than 5 times artwork modifiaction

Registration: Assist (not more than 5 times) Amendment  for Logo registration in Hong Kong
File output: A.i, Jpeg, digital and A3 spot colors proof print
Color proofing: Can assist with not more than 3 times color proofing or fine tuning
Site Visit: No

Logo usage details and colour guide are included.
Lead time and process require customer assistance and confirmation.
Extend the same design concept of logo design (such as Chinese to English), will only  charge artwork fee, less than half the price, details need to be quoted separately

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