Packaging Design (Pro)

Packaging design, in addition to art and creative, it also needs to align with brand direction, sales channels, target audience and market trend. Appropriate packaging design can be used to entertain audiences and directly influence purchase decisions. It Set the future direction of product development.

Appropriate packaging design can influence purchase decisions. It like different apparel cultures in different industries, it is necessary to break through but not mismatch.

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Service : Packaging Design (Professional Level)
Estimated time: Data collection 2 days | Concept development 3 days | Design draft 5 days |

Work projects
Data collection: Communicate with client, understand brands and product features, competitors and market Trend.
Concept Development: Communicate with client, Confirm Concept directions, Avid will provide 5 related concept designs
Design : Customer Selects one Concept Design, Avid Provides 3 Related Design.
Artwork :  After selecting one of them, Avid Provide no more than 5 designs modification.

File output: A.i, Jpeg, digital and A3 spot colors
Color proofing: Can assist with no more than 3 color proofing or fine tuning

The overall process:
Data collection 1 time > 5 times concept design > 3 times extended design > 5 times Artwork modification > 1 time output > 3 times color proofreading

Creation time and process require customer assistance and confirmation.
A package design includes: box and internal packaging, excluding promotional items. Material is not limited, aluminum cans, cartons, plastic boxes, stickers and so on, the size is limited to A3.
Extend the packaging design of the same design concept (such as shampoo and hair conditioner), only charge the original draft cost, less than half the price, details need to be quoted separately

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Packaging Design (basic)

Packaging design (basic) is suitable for industrial products, or non-retail store product, simply apply brand visual system to packaging.

In addition to identifying product features, packaging design can also be coordinated with brand visual system, sometime simplicity is attractive.

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