Print Ad / Poster

Optional: single magazine/double magazine/full newspaper/half newspaper/poster design within A1 size.

Traditional media, have a group of readers who are economical and love traditional, grasp its characteristics, set energy efficiency and create a good advertising effect.

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Project : Magazine Newspaper Advertisement / Promotional Poster Design
Service Type: Design
Specifications : Single Magazine / Double Magazine / Full Newspaper / Half Newspaper /
Size : From customer

Detailed work —–
Data collection: Customers provide relevant information, discuss with customers and confirm the concept and design direction
Key image: Provided by the customer, or provided by Avid Gallery or simple illustration
Copywriting content: Provided by the customer
Concept development: Avid offers 2 different design concepts
Design : After initial selection of concepts, three similar designs are extended
Manuscript : After selecting one of them, it can be used to make no more than 5 fine adjustments
Late follow-up —–
File Output: A.i , Jpeg
Simple and portable product photography with no more than 3 charges
The client must provide a text file, within 100 words, no additional charge.
Creation time and process require customer assistance and confirmation.
If the product with the same design concept is extended, only the draft fee will be charged, which is less than half the price. Detailed quotes are required separately.

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