• The client must ensure that the provided pictures, texts, trademarks and other information are legally published information.
  • Avid Communication ltd guarantees that it will do its utmost to achieve its mission, but customer requirements must also be rational and must assist in providing the correct information required for the mission.
  • Avid Communication ltd provides professional advice and services, but the client must also perform a final check of the work item. After the product is confirmed and released, the company will not be responsible for any business or legal issues.
  • Avid Communication ltd will ensure that the client’s tasks are completed on time and only the customer needs to cooperate. In non-special circumstances, the maximum time for the two parties to respond due to changes in the documents or checks shall not exceed 2 working days.
  • Most of the creation is “unforeseeable, within reason”, and we will try our best to be reasonable. Will consider the customer’s brand image, goals, mission information, market trends and so on. However, we cannot predict the image of the customer’s brain. The actual work is reasonably normal to the customer’s brain image.
  • During the process, both Avid Communication ltd and the customer can retain the right to cancel the order, but will be refunded according to the working period and after the cancellation. If it is only at the data collection stage, it will be fully refunded.
  • The business approach depends on mutual trust and mutual understanding. We understand and respect the intentions of our customers. We must also clearly understand the meaning of cooperation.